We build software for the Internet of Impact

iSumo is short for "impact sumo" - sumo is the Latin word for "claim" or "choose". iSumo can be roughly interpreted to mean "the impact I claim", or "the impact I choose".

Our projects so far:

The following is an unstructured collection of enabling infrastructure and apps - a sandbox of tools that is being assembled to help realise an Internet of Impact.

1. Interactive impact scorecard

An experiment to find a universal way of visualising and enumerating your personal interpretation of non-financial value. Try out the scorecard ... and another experimental version of the widget.

2. Impactimon

An impact avatar as an alternative visualisation to the widget.

3. Codeverter

A web app to convert industry sector codes.

4. Web apps that use linked data pods

iSumo-123 is a prototype app for calculating the full CO2 footprint (Scope 1,2,3) across the supply chain of a company.

Underpinning iSumo-123 is InstansOS, an "open service" that enhances the functionality of linked data pods by making them discoverable and searchable. InstanOS also provides other capabilities that enable distributed data pods to function as if they are an integrated database. This functionality is required for apps like iSumo-123 to work with linked data pods.

Useful links/ example URLs:

[ More coming soon... ]