You can use this Excel tool to convert industry and sector codes. It can accept inputs according to the following code libraries:
  • ANZSIC (Australia and New Zealand)
  • ISIC (United Nations)
  • NACE (European Union)
  • NAICS (United States of America)

The results are displayed according to:

  • ISIC (United Nations)
  • Any related NACE code(s), which can be used to look up what reporting requirements (if any) are relevant according to the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance.

This Excel tool is provided "as is", without any warrantee about accuracy or completeness.

The tool was prepared by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management to support the e-learning course Certified Expert in Sustainable Finance (CESFi). The course will prepare participants to understand major drivers and constraints of transforming the financial system to a more sustainable one. Furthermore, it will familiarize participants with the business, regulatory and technical perspective of sustainable finance and will acquaint them to take an active part in the discussion around the topic. The course aims to enable financial professionals to integrate Sustainable Finance related aspects into their work through new knowledge and tools for advising their clients and business partners.

The Codeverter tool forms part of an impact management workflow being developed by The Positive Impact Initiative (PII), which is a think-and-do-tank within UNEP FI focused on closing the $2.5 trillion SDG financing gap. Based on a unique theory of impact, PII works with finance sector representatives and other stakeholder groups to mainstream impact analysis and management in business and finance as a cornerstone to financing the SDGs.